Cranes and railroad tracks

On Sunday, December 22, 2013, RST Cranes, Inc. was tasked with the clean-up of the derailment that occurred early December. After the derailment, several containers landed up against the mountain in a dangerous position, making it difficult for any equipment or crane to access the smashed containers. After evaluating the derailment site, RST Cranes, Inc. determined that this job was achievable with the use of our three large cranes, which included a Liebherr 100-Ton, Liebherr 200-Ton, and a Liebherr 300-Ton. Each container was retrieved, using a meticulous process, which required our largest crane, the 300-ton, to lift our 100-ton across the railroad tracks, in order to reach the containers efficiently. Our Kenworth semi-truck and flatbed trailer were also lifted by our crane over the railroad tracks for transportation. With the help of our entire workforce, the job was completed safely and successfully. 578670_559463734137779_401405897_n





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