“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

John F. Kennedy


RST Cranes is in the process of change. From a company that was once started in the home of Rick and Sonya Torres, to a newly built industrial facility. We managed to pack up our belongings and move shop.

At times it felt bittersweet. For 10 years we were located in a 1940s home right across the street from the train tracks. About every 30 minutes we would have to close the doors and windows because the trains would practically shake the building and mute all sound. Our offices were bunched next to each other and in time we began to outgrow the historical home.

As we began to pack up, reflecting on all the many memories that had been made in that building resurfaced. That home is filled with memories of celebration, Christmas and 4th of July barbeques, exciting crane purchases, and new RST babies being introduced to our new work family. Moving into a new building meant RST was going to have to take some risks. Ultimately, as a company, we knew RST deserved this.

RST Cranes has been blessed with such a beautiful building. We are very excited about the building and  the excitement of a new work home begins all over again when customers and friends come in to visit. If whenever any of us begin to miss that old home we can simply step outside and view it, because we moved about half a mile away.

* stay tuned for pictures of the new building.

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