Cranes and the Wind Industry


RST Cranes has extensive experience with the wind industry. Rick Torres, the owner of RST Cranes, worked in the wind industry prior to owning his own crane company.

Rick started at the bottom as a wind tech and worked his way up to site supervisor. He was site supervisor for many of the new wind farm projects in the Mojave desert. His experience, and that of the highly-trained techs on staff, makes RST Cranes the company to use for your wind turbine crane service needs.

RST Cranes specializes in Turn-Key works, gearboxes lifts, generator lifts, journal lifts, and R/R blade. RST has also been a part of the decommissioning and erection of turbines.

RST Cranes’s employees have the knowledge of wind turbines, and cranes, which establish RST’s safety record higher than any other crane company.